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Everything, and anywhere.

Our free mobile App allows you to have everything at a glance on your phone too. For iPhone, iPad, and Android on an unlimited number of devices.

Increase sales and leads with our offline mode
Increase sales and leads with our offline mode. Don’t let an opportunity get cold again.

It does not matter if you are at a fair, with customers, or showing your collection to friends. Your information will always be available and you can access it from any device you need with your username and password.

Your mobile point of sale. Forget the problems with bank POS. Your mobile point of sale. Forget the problems with bank POS.
Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart
"ITGallery was a big change in the organization of the gallery world. Everything is in an orderly way and so the whole team can know what works have been sold, to whom, if it has been delivered etc. The support team is very attentive and we solve the doubts in an instant!"
Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart
Espacio Valverde
Your mobile point of sale. Forget the problems with bank POS.

With the ITGallery App you can accept payments with any credit card, in any currency. Use it to charge an advance when reserving an artwork during an art fair, or to close the sale and collect the full amount. It does not matter how much you want to charge. The limit is marked by the customer's credit card.

For your safety, payments are made through Stripe, the leading online payment platform. In ITGallery’s servers, no credit card information is stored.

Everyone and everything in sync.
Everyone and everything in sync.

Your entire database always available and synchronized for your team. Ensure that everything stays up to date and make conversations with your team easy.

Unlimited number of devices
Unlimited number of devices

The ITGallery App is free and is included in your subscription allowing you to access your data in all the devices you need without extra costs.


Seamlessly switch between the desktop and the App and use all the tools you need on the move..

Up to date
Up to date

Status of artworks, reservations, prices, images, contacts, exhibitions, and all your data always updated and automatically synchronized.

Send proposals, close deals
Send proposals, close deals

Share details of artworks fast through email or WhatsApp or curate PDF to send price lists that lead into more sales.

Simplify your workflow
Simplify your workflow

Register new contacts that synchronized with your database, filter artworks by unlimited criteria or book artworks in conversation with customers.

Beautiful and convenient
Beautiful and convenient

Change between three types of view (detailed, grid, or individual); customize the order of display and the details to show. Share artworks in high resolution and customize the data you send on your proposals.

Included for free in your ITGallery Database subscription.

Yes, you also get free updates with new powerful features that are continually evolving.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the free trial period work?

You have 15 days of free trial, without any commitment and without having to give your credit card details. You can test all system features without limitations.

What happens after the trial period? Do I keep my data?

After 15 days of testing, the account is suspended until a license is contracted. You will not be able to access, but your data will remain in the system while you manage the hiring. Once contracted it is activated again and you can continue to use it with all your data. If you decide not to hire, the account and all your data are removed.

I already have a management system, but I like ITGallery much more. Can I migrate my data?

Of course. In ITGallery we are experts in migrations. You can bring your data from FileMaker, Excel, CSV files or any competition management system. We have migrated galleries with more than 20 years of information without any problem.

How much does it cost to register?

Nothing! Sign up is free. We do not charge any amount for the initial configuration. You will only have to pay the monthly / annual license.

Is the migration cost included in the license? Does it take too long to do it?

No. The cost of migration is billed separately from the license and will depend on the data you want to migrate. The average duration of a data migration is between 1 week and 2 months, depending on the amount and complexity of the data to be migrated.

If I ever want to quit, can I do it? What about my data?

Of course. You can cancel your account at any time and export all your data to Excel or CSV. You can contact us to manage any migration.