Professional, intuitive and always synced

Drive more sales online with a custom website connected with your ITGallery database. Make sales through your website, see them reflected in your database’s inventory. Our websites allows you to keep your content synchronized effortlessly. Manage everything with a single, intuitive solution for all your needs.

Security and confidentiality is built into our core

Check out our in-depth dossier about the security aspects of ITGallery, from the hands of our CTO.

Simple pricing
  • Zero setup fees
  • Zero time updating inventory
  • Online payment gateway
  • Responsive, mobile ready
  • Maintainance, backups, and security, taken care for you by a team of experts
$2,200 + $17
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$4,400 + $39
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does the free trial period work?

You have 15 days of free trial, without any commitment and without having to give your credit card details. You can test all system features without limitations.

What happens after the trial period? Do I keep my data?

After 15 days of testing, the account is suspended until a license is contracted. You will not be able to access, but your data will remain in the system while you manage the hiring. Once contracted it is activated again and you can continue to use it with all your data. If you decide not to hire, the account and all your data are removed.

I already have a management system, but I like ITGallery much more. Can I migrate my data?

Of course. In ITGallery we are experts in migrations. You can bring your data from FileMaker, Excel, CSV files or any competition management system. We have migrated galleries with more than 20 years of information without any problem.

How much does it cost to register?

Nothing! Sign up is free. We do not charge any amount for the initial configuration. You will only have to pay the monthly / annual license.

Is the migration cost included in the license? Does it take too long to do it?

No. The cost of migration is billed separately from the license and will depend on the data you want to migrate. The average duration of a data migration is between 1 week and 2 months, depending on the amount and complexity of the data to be migrated.

If I ever want to quit, can I do it? What about my data?

Of course. You can cancel your account at any time and export all your data to Excel or CSV. You can contact us to manage any migration.