About us

We do ITgallery because we want to take advantage of the technology so you can spend more time on the really important tasks of your gallery, not doing paperwork and administrative work.

Meet the Team

Picture of Abián

Abián R. Zaya

Founder and CEO
Picture of Octavio

Octavio Zaya

Picture of Paloma

Paloma Aransay

Gallery liaison in Spain
Picture of Juan

Juan Moreno

Gallery liaison in Europe
Picture of Maia

Maia Kalina

Gallery liaison in Latin America
Picture of Sofía

Sofía Sáenz de Santa María

External advisor
Picture of Josué

Josué González

CTO and lead developer
Picture of Yraya

Yraya Bolaños

Software Engineer
Picture of Fernando

Fernando Torcelly

External iOS developer
Picture of Yunior

Yunior González

External Android developer
Picture of Marta Díaz

Marta Díaz

External web designer
Picture of Jonathan Gómez

Jonathan Gómez

External web developer