What is ITgallery?

ITgallery is an Art Galleries Management System developed to make easier your daily tasks. It allows you to centralize all the information of your Gallery: catalog the artworks, tracking and location; record sales and loans; contact management, reports and lists, send mass-mailing, etc..

ITgallery is not a Web add-on to a desktop program; this is pure online gallery management, accessed entirely through a Web browser, wherever you are. You just need an internet connection.

You can access from your laptop, your tablet or your mobile phone. ITgallery is compatible with Mac or PC and does not require any software installations or upgrades. As a web-based system, ITgallery can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

ITgallery is divided into several modules, separated according to their features they have. These modules are:

Besides all this, with a PREMIUM, PROFESSIONAL or UNLIMITED license you can connect you data stored on ITgallery with your web through our webservice (vía our API). Use ITgallery as the content management system for your website. You can choose which information is public and which remains hidden to your visitors. Forget about having your information distributed in several programs. Always keep your website updated!

If you need help to integrate ITgallery to your website or simple want to change your Gallery website, contact us. ITgallery has professionals with over 10 years of experience. They can support you in developing your website. Ask us for a quote!

In ITgallery we are import experts. If you have an existing database—ArtSystems, Artbase, Access, Filemaker etc.—we can import it. Please contact us for an estimate.

ITgallery - Art Galleries Management System