Available wherever you are

Access anytime, anywhere. From your gallery, on a fair o during a trip. You just need an Internet connection. Wherever you go, take your Gallery with you

100% Website integrable

Use ITgallery as your Content Management System (CMS) for your Gallery. You can decide which data will be public and which not.

Import your data to ITgallery

We're experts on data importing. Send us an email to support@itgalleryapp.com and we'll help you to import your current data to ITgallery. No matter what system you use.

For Mac and PC

You can use ITgallery from MAC or PC. It's compatible with all the browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Free updates

Always have the latest version of ITgallery without having to spend more money. For all the licenses.

Secure server

All the information on ITgallery is stored in secure servers, and every day the system makes a backup of your data.

Innovative design and easy to use

ITgallery user interface is so intuitive and easy to use that you will not need complex user manuals to use it.

No need to install

ITgalley is a web-based gallery management software, so you don't need to install anything.

Try ITgallery for free

You can try ITgallery for free during 15 days. Ask for access details on the contact form.

ITgallery - Art Galleries Management System