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Technology applied to the art world

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Art Database

For galleries, collectors and artists. Save time and money by organizing your information and automating your daily processes.

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iPhone - iPad App

Submit your artworks, send dossiers and charge your customers with any credit card. Ideal when you are at an Art Fair or visiting with a customer.

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Picture of an iPad y an iPhone showing ITgallery Software
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With custom or template-based designs, fully integrated with ITgallery. The most elegant and comfortable way to make yourself known.

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ITgallery was a big change in the organization of the gallery world. Everything is in an orderly way and so the whole team can know what works have been sold, to whom, if it has been delivered etc. The support team is very attentive and we solve the doubts in an instant!

Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart Espacio Valverde

ITgallery has greatly improved the performance of the gallery because it allows us to have the stock and customer database controlled at any time and from anywhere. With this, it has become an indispensable tool for us. It is also easy and agile to use, which means that it takes very little time and effort to have the database up to date.

Guillermo Romero Parra & Romero

We have won in time, in comfort and in efficiency. When we have needed help we have always found it. I emphasize, above all, the constant desire to perfect and improve the program, following the suggestions of all the professionals who have trusted them.

Marisa Fernández-Cid ASTARTÉ Iniciativas Artísticas

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