Safety first

Safety first

ITgallery never sells personal data and carries out all its processing operations in strict compliance with European privacy laws. We are a 100% independent Spanish company (not affiliated to an art market player). You will always have control of your personal information at all times.

Your data are safer than ever. Our servers are James Bond-proof.

The main servers of ITGallery are based in the location center of Amazon AWS in Ireland (EU), the most secure cloud in the world. ITGallery has been carefully implemented various measures to ensure that your information is adequately protected against access, use, assignment and elimination of unauthorized data.

  • Access management
  • Nerwork control
  • Data protection
  • Governance and Incident Management
  • Scalability & Reliability
  • Certifications
Daily backup

When creating daily backups, the ultimate goal is the ability to restore the entire system, or systems, in a reasonable amount of time.

Private and restricted access

Private and restricted access. You are the key.

You have your username and password to access to your account, privately. If you have more than one person working with you, you can set up individual login names and passwords. By doing this, you can easily keep track of each person's activity and control which areas people can access (contacts, sales, offers, etc.).

Encrypted and secure data, safer than Mona Lisa.

Both the data in transition and the data at rest (sensitive information like users credentials) are encrypted end-to-end, plus all interaction with servers happens over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transmission, which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL terminates within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) network.