Websites for art galleries

Picture of an iMac y an iPhone showing a web made using a template by ITgallery

Websites based on templates

Predefined websites. Your web ready in a week

We offer several predefined designs for you to choose the one you like. Personalized web with your logo, your fonts and colors.

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Customized Websites

All details you might need

Tell us how the web of your dreams would be and we will make it happen. We will work together to define the design and we will make sure that everything stays the way you want.

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Picture of an iBook, an iMac, an iPhone y an iPad showing a custom web made by ITgallery

Integrated with ITgallery

Say goodbye to loading the contents twice. Manage the content of your website directly from your ITgallery account. Your website always updated with the latest exhibitions and all the information of your works.

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Do you have any doubt? Do you want more information?

Tell us what you need and we will contact you as soon as possible to see your needs.