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ITgallery - Art Galleries Management System

No matter where in the world you are. If you have internet access, you will always have access to ITgallery.

ITgallery was created thinking about galerist's life, always moving, from fair to fair. Whether you're at Miami Basel or returning from the studio of your artist in Brazil. You will always have access to all the information of your works, your contact details, etc..

No longer have to wait to get to your gallery to sit at the computer and access all your data.

ITgallery connects you to 2.0 gallery world!

ITgallery is multi-device and is thoroughly compatible with Mac or PC with any of these browsers: Safari, Internet Exporer up to 8, Firefox, Chrome, etc)

ITgallery supports different devices, so you can access from your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Does not require any software installations or upgrades.

You can have your artists, exhibitions and artworks data synced with your website. All or only those you have selected.
Have ALL in one system and keep your website updated always!

With the PREMIUM, PROFESSIONAL or UNLIMITED license, you can connect your website with ITgallery through our webservice (via API). Thanks to this API, all the information that you have registered on ITgallery may be accessible from your website. No more having scattered information on various programs and not having the website of your gallery always updated

If you are using another management system for your gallery, there's no problem! We are import experts. If you have an existing database—ArtSystems, Artbase, Access, Filemaker etc.- please contact us for an estimate.

Our clients

These are some of the galleries and institutions that already rely on ITgallery