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Home Dashboard

Access to calendar, latest actions performed on the artworks (sales, loans, etc.) and last contacts added.

Artworks list

Displays all the artworks in your gallery. You can save new artworks, edit existing ones and if you have a PREMIUM, PROFESSIONAL or UNLIMITED licence, mark the ones you want to show in your webpage.

Artwork record

It shows you the detailed information of the artwork: how many series there are, the status of each series (if are reserved, sold, etc.), descriptions, pictures, and much more.

Sale artwork

From the actions tab you can record a sale, a loan, a shipping, make a reservation, register the way the artwork can be acquired, etc.

Artwork serie details

By clicking on 'view details' in a series, you can see acquisition details (if it was purchased, loaned) and data of its current status (if is available, sold, etc.)

Artwork actions history

From this section you can see the actions performed on all series of the artwork.

Contact record

The contact tab shows all its information: from its personal data (name, company, city of birth and residence) to its contact data (email, social networking, etc.)

Listado de exposiciones

Exhibitions list

List with all the exhibitions of the Gallery. We can sort by name, opening date, etc.. If you have a PREMIUM license, you can select which of them appears on your website.

Ficha Exposición

Exhibition record

Record with all the exhibition information: summary, details, the artworks that will be exhibited and photos. (exposed tienen otra connotación).

Fotos de la exposición

Exhibition photos

List of photos from the exhibition. For PREMIUM, PROFESSIONAL and UNLIMITED users, these are the pictures that will be displayed on your website.

Obras de la exposición

Exhibition artworks

List of the exhibition artworks. We can choose any work that we have registered in ITgallery.

Listado de artistas

Artists list

List of our Gallery artists. We can sort them by name, email, etc.. From the PREMIUM license we can select the ones we want to appear our website.

Ficha del artista

Artist record

Detailed information of the artist, with its contact details, etc.

Registro de una venta

Registering a sale

Monitor your sales. From this form we can register the sales of our gallery. From one to several artworks by various artists.

Ficha del artista

Sale details

Detailed information of each sale: client data, list of artworks on sale (or sold) with its prices, discounts, taxes, etc.