ITgallery Security

We will NEVER sell your personal data to anyone.

ITgallery never sells personal data and carries out all its processing operations in strict compliance with European privacy laws. You will always have control of your personal information at all times.

At ITgallery we value your privacy and strive to make our services safe and suitable for everyone. This document establishes and explains how ITgallery collects and processes personal data, the purposes of its processing and how we protect it.

ITgallery is committed to the Internet and its users. That is why one of our main commitments is to provide the safest and most confidential service possible, ensuring the privacy of communications and personal data of our users.

Security and data location

The main servers of ITGALLERY are based in the location center of Amazon AWS in Ireland (EU), the most secure cloud in the world.

Security policy

ITGALLERY has been carefully implemented various measures to ensure that your information is adequately protected against access, use, assignment and elimination of unauthorized data. Please keep in mind that the risk of elimination cannot be guarantied to the fullest but it can be mitigated and limited. All measures taken by ITGALLERY significantly reduce this risk. ITGALLERY will not be responsible for any third party, including yourself, in case of any unauthorized access, use and/or disclosure of information, provided that it is not due to gross negligence, intentional misconduct, fraud or bad faith on the part of ITGALLERY.

The security measures adopted by ITGALLERY include:

  1. Access to stored information in the ITGALLERY servers is restricted to a limited number of ITGALLERY employees and third parties who can only access the information under very specific and limited circumstances, subject to our confidentiality rules.
  2. ITGALLERY servers are protected by (1) firewalls that establish a barrier between our trusted and secure internal network and the Internet and (2) IP restrictions, which limit access to an authorized list of IP addresses.
  3. Each User can only access the information that belongs to his ITGALLERY account.
  4. We use HTTPS in all ITGALLERY services, to ensure the safe transfer of data and prevent eavesdropping and attacks from third parties.
  5. ITGALLERY will analyze the way it collects and processes its information periodically in order to review and correct its privacy policy accordingly.
  6. The entire ITGALLERY team has been well trained in the privacy field and are well aware of the implications of security in the handling of information.
  7. At ITGALLERY we follow a safe password allocation and preservation procedure that guarantees that our staff can only access the information necessary to complete their task.

Access and conceded data

ITGALLERY does not rent or sell your personal information, however you may allow a limited set of trusted third parties to access your data if you accept the following conditions:

  1. We will have to cede out your personal information when we are required to do so by law or through a court order, as well as to comply with any legal or regulatory requirement or obligation.
  2. We reserve the right to cede your data to any third party if we believe it is valuable for the purpose of an investigation and/or to enforce any breach of the conditions of use (if applicable), to detect, prevent or solve problems of fraud, security, technical or other irregularity or illegalities, and to protect the rights and interests as well as the property of ITGALLERY.

ITGALLERY also works with third party parties and other partners that supply necessary functions in order to create a better service.

We will only share information with third parties that are necessary to our services, linking them contractually to maintain the confidentiality of the data we share with them and insuring it is only used for specific purposes. For example, among others, we use a third party provider to help with the placement and organization of the data in our systems, we will elaborate on this below.

This privacy policy may be updated and modified in order to apply changes and improvements that may affect the security of the information stored. You can find the updated version of the policy at all times here

Any modification linked to your account will be notified in advance via email. All changes to our privacy policy will take effect from the moment you access our website and/ or use our services, or 30 days after its publication on the website. Once you begin using the website and/ or our services after the effective date of any modification made, this agreement will constitute your full acceptance to these conditions and modifications made.


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